Rail-mounted temperature transmitter with universal input, galvanic isolation, HART® and wireless communication

  • Input: RTD, TC, mV, Ω
  • Output: 2-wire, 4…20 mA/HART®7
  • Programmable via PC, HART® handheld or the OPTICHECK Temperature Mobile app using Bluetooth® or NFC
  • Accuracy: ±0.08%

OPTITEMP TT 53 R – Rail-mounted temperature transmitter

OPTITEMP TT 53 R – Rail-mounted temperature transmitter

The OPTITEMP TT 53 R is a universal, programmable, 2-wire rail-mounted temperature transmitter. The galvanically isolated transmitter works with RTD elements, thermocouple (TC) elements or other inputs (mV and Ω). It supports wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) as well as Bluetooth® communication. The OPTITEMP TT 53 R transmitter can thus be remotely configured and monitored using mobile devices with the OPTICHECK Temperature Mobile app installed.

Featuring HART®7 communication, the transmitter also offers extended diagnostic information (for example device error, sensor and wiring conditions). In addition, it is able to measure the actual supply voltage as well as the ambient temperature while making them available via HART®. The maximum values are stored internally. The robust design of the OPTITEMP TT 53 R makes the transmitter highly reliable even under harsh environmental conditions. It is available for use in hazardous areas. The temperature transmitter is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. A dedicated head-mounted version is available with the OPTITEMP TT 53 C.

Product highlights

  • Completely universal digital device
  • Fast step response time and high accuracy over transmitter lifetime
  • Wireless communication:
    • Via Near Field Communication (NFC): Quick configuration of the transmitter in combination with the user-friendly OPTICHECK Temperature Mobile app; no power supply and wiring required
    • Via Bluetooth®: Quick configuration and monitoring of the transmitter in combination with the OPTITEMP TT-CON BT configuration kit and the OPTICHECK Temperature Mobile app
  • Configuration also possible via PC/software (ConSoft™) without external power supply
  • Enhanced diagnostics (NAMUR NE 107), incl. sensor break monitoring, error correction etc.
  • High degree of functionality and features (incl. runtime counter, output simulation, ambient temperature log etc.)
  • Rugged design: vibration-resistant up to 10 g
  • Designed for installation on a rail (in accordance with DIN EN 60715)

Accessories for this product


Transmitter configuration kit for PC configuration of OPTITEMP transmitters

  • With USB interface, connection cables and ConSoft software
  • Automatic setting of communication port or interfaces
  • Automatic transmitter identification for quick start
  • Manual and installation guide included

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Transmitter configuration kit for remote configuration and monitoring of temperature transmitters

  • Wireless communication between mobile devices and temperature transmitters with Bluetooth® capability
  • For time-saving set-up, service and maintenance in confined space
  • Configuration and real-time monitoring with the dedicated OPTITEMP Connect mobile app
  • Comprehensive package incl. modem, USB cable, batteries, installation quick guide

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Mobile app for wireless device commissioning, verification and monitoring

  • Wireless commissioning and device parametrisation via secure Bluetooth connection
  • Verification without measurement interruption
  • Monitoring of meter performance and application parameters
  • Free download for iOS and Android

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Technical data

Transmitter mountingRail-mounted
Transmitter channels MAX1
Galvanic isolationYes
Galvanic isolation (VAC)1500 VAC
Transmitter inputPotentiometer (Ω), Resistance (RTD), Thermocouple (TC), Voltage (mV)
RTD inputCu10, Ni100, Ni1000, Ni120, Ni50, Pt100, Pt1000, Pt50
RTD input / wiring2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire
TC InputB, C, D, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
Potentiometer input (Ω)100…10000 Ω
Voltage input (mV)-10…+1000 mV
Transmitter programmableYes
Configuration methodBluetooth®, HART handheld, NFC (Near Field Communication), PC/ConSoft software
Power supply (VDC)8.5…36 VDC
8.5…30 VDC (Ex)
Ambient temperature–40...+85°C/
Diagnostic functionsSensor break detection, Sensor short circuit detection, Signal filtering function


Certificates/Approvals ExATEX, IECEx
NAMUR complianceNE 107, NE 43, NE 53, NE 89


Digital outputsHART®
Analogue outputs20…4 mA, 4…20 mA